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What to expect on your first visit

What to expect on your first visit

First, a friendly Business assistant will greet you with a smile and help you with your insurance information, and any financial questions you may have. The business assistant will also be sure that your paperwork is complete.

Next, one of our caring dental assistants will ask some questions about your child's medical history, then bring the patient and one parent to the hygiene area ( an open room with 4 patient chairs).  Once we have gathered all of the important medical information, the dental assistant will take the necessary x-rays.  We ask that the parent step out of the room away from the x-ray, and once the x-rays are completed, we welcome you to watch your child have their teeth cleaned and polished.  During this process, we ask that the parent/guardian be a silent observer in the room, and allow the assistant to talk with your child about their brushing and flossing habits.  This helps us to build trust with your child, so that they have no fear of the dental office, and want to come back to see us every six months for check-ups and cleanings.

After the prophy polish and flossing, the dentist will check your child's teeth and determine from the x-rays and clinical examination what treatment if any is recommended.  We will explain to you why the treatment is needed, and the Business Assistant will go over the financial estimate with you.

Some key points to remember:

We allow one parent in the hygiene area during your child's hygiene visit; this is due to the space available, as well as keeping the noise level low in order to keep your child's attention during this important visit.

Our standard of care for each 6-month recare visit is to take 2 bitewing x-rays, prophy polish and floss, and apply fluoride to your child's teeth.  This is the best care we can provide for your child to start them on the path to good oral health, which is where their overall health begins.

We do not determine our standard of care for any treatment based on the insurance company's allowances for these services, as each insurance plan has different frequency limitations for the services we provide.  We will do our best to inform you when your insurance company will not pay for the services we are providing, but please keep in mind that we are limited in the amount of information we are given over the telephone from your insurance company.

When we are filing insurance for you, the treatment estimates are ESTIMATES.  We do not guarantee the exact out- of -pocket cost to you for the treatment until the claim is paid by your insurance company.